Michael Grimm America's Got Talent triumph demonstrates the least likely nevertheless win

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Fans will have to wait until next year as "America's Got Talent" is over. The "America's Got Talent" final four were a daunting group, packed with talent. There were 3 incredibly talented singers in Prince Poppycock, Jackie Evancho, and Michael Grimm, and Fighting Gravity, an awesome dance crew. The finale was amazing, and had some good invitee performances. Donna Summer and Jewel had duets with contestants, and an appearance from Lionel Ritchie made the final show as solid as a brick house. Evancho was very easily the favorite. A girl of only ten, with a powerful operatic voice belying her years and bringing comparisons to Susan Boyle. The ballots came in droves for Michael Grimm, nevertheless, in an upset victory. Article resource - Slight surprise in Michael Grimm America's Got Talent win by Personal Money Store.

Ending really worth watching

Just like previous years, the last show of "America's Got Talent" year five was quite something. Two days before the finale was the last round of competition. Just like "American Idol," a really good singer-songwriter type with a bluesy, soulful voice is always popular. Prince Poppycock sings a mélange of Lady Gaga, Kiss, and Paul Revere and also the Raiders in an operatic fashion, with elaborate staging and costumes. The power of the voice of Jackie Evancho belies her tiny size and scant ten years, and she's been a preferred to triumph for weeks. Then there was Fighting Gravity, an unbelievably good dance group was the only non-singer act.

Grimm mood during the last episode

The voting is just like "American Idol." Also, viewers have to wait to see the results. Prince Poppycock got buzzed on, according to CBS, by Piers Morgan. In fairness, Prince Poppycock has one act however has different songs. Operatic ballads get old after so long, despite the belief that Jackie Evancho is only 10 years old. That has a lot to do with the outcome. A little variety of material is probably why Michael Grimm won "America's Got Talent." Singers triumph this program, as only one of the five winners has not been a singer. Grimm, according to People, plans to purchase his grandparents a house.

Show almost stolen by attendees

There were great invitee artists too. It certainly made the ending more entertaining. Poppycock performed with Donna Summer, Lionel Ritchie sang "Dancing on the Ceiling" for Fighting Gravity and Grimm performed a duet with Jewel, singing "Me and Bobby McGee." The finale show was almost the best part of the entire season.

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