The Democrat controlled Congress votes to increase taxes on everyone

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Joe Kawfi
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Just after midnight this morning, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) gaveled the House out of session, assuring that Congress will adjourn until after the November elections without taking any action to stop the Obama tax hikes (Bush tax reductions). Earlier in the day, 39 Democrats defied Speaker Pelosi and voted with the minority to keep the House in session until they could vote on the impending tax hikes. Pelosi, who rarely votes on day-to-day legislation, was forced to cast the tie breaking vote (210-209) on the adjournment resolution.

Nancy got her way and taxes go up on everyone unless the lame duck session makes a retroactive change. No messy hearings on Rangel and Waters to embarrass the Dems. No budget, instead a continuing resolution. In short, more dirty politics by the Democrat controlled congress.

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Not surprised are you?

This Government is totally without a clue for what America needs. They spent most of a year and half on Healthcare which most of America did not want. We needed the Economy worked on but they were just to busy.
Now these guys decided campaigning trying to get re-elected is more important
then offering Americans some idea if our taxes next year. No confidence in our Government and no stability for business means no new investments and no hiring.

All they did was send a signal to businesses that once again we don't know what they are going to do to us.

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