I find it ironic and perhaps you will to.

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(copied with permission)

I find it ironic that Liberal Politicians want to investigate Americans for exercising their 1st amendment rights but have no issues protecting the speech from our enemies even on our own soil.

I find it ironic that our President and every Democrat politician promised us that the Mandatory Healthcare option is not a tax but now they call it a tax when the law is challenged in court on Constitutional grounds.

I find it ironic that during the Campaign our President promised transparency in Government then holds meetings on Government transparency behind closed doors.

I find it ironic that the Speaker of the House makes claims about the most ethical Congress ever and draining the swamp while members of her party go up for ethics charges and instead of kicking them out they get standing ovations and chairmanships.

I find it ironic that when a State takes action to stop the Illegal invasion. The Federal Government sues that State and says protection of the border is their job. While the Federal Government places signs in that State saying 80 miles of that state is off limits to Americans. So the invasion can continue unabated.

I find it ironic that Politicians that are in charge of the IRS haven’t paid their taxes.

I find it ironic that the same IRS that will go after you for a $100.00 debt allows these Politicians to get away with not paying tens of thousands of dollars.

I find it ironic that Politicians that wrote the 68,000 page tax structure can’t figure out Turbo Tax.

I find it ironic that our President signs a document that will eliminate ½ of $110 Billion dollars in fraud while allowing ½ of that fraud to continue.

I find it ironic that our Government knows that $110 billion is wasted on fraud and only want to get rid of half of it over the next 5 years.

I find it ironic that a Christian Church that was destroyed on 9/11 during the attack and murder of 3000 Americans by Islamic jihadist has been trying for 9 years to get a permit to rebuild and just being told to go suck sand, while an Islamic Mosque is given permission by the same committee that denied the Christians churches permit.

And lastly I find it ironic that 10 years after 9/11 we still have a hole in the ground but the Government can build a $578 Billion dollar high School in California in a School District with the highest dropout rates and some of the lowest Teacher evals.

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