The impossibility of firing most civil servants, outright

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The Secretary of Agriculture today made Mrs. Shirley Sherrod her old job back; a new job in Washington; and consulting work for him.
She refused all.
She said there will be a law suit but the details aren't worked out!
She has had numerous requests (she said) for her services as a speaker to various groups. (like Palin, I assume). A book of course.
She also said she needed some time off for herself and for her family. I'll bet the first speech or trip will be within one week.
The job she held for less than eleven months, from which she was fired, succeeded twenty some years as a private organization advocate
for farmers civil rights in GA.
I have listened to the full speech concerning the reason for her dismissal and although she did say later in the speech that she did recommend a good lawyer for the white client she spoke about, (she didn't usually serve white clients) I did not like her tone of speech or voice, and the students giggles, about her wondering if she should do anything for this one farmer or not.
I feel those kids she spoke to understood that they too could pay back in this fashion. Two wrongs don't make a right!
It is obvious to me that the Secretary of Agriculture was pressured into apologizing for releasing her. She is going to sue anyway. Her whole life has been one of suing the government.
She has no right to try pay-backs for her families mis-treatment in the past, or to even hold those grudges.
We don't hate England!

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