What now, 3 lame ducks?

So here’s the January 2010 PTC Council lineup: The grizzled two-year veteran, Doug Sturbaum; the newly promoted two-year veteran Don Haddix as mayor; and three rookies — Vanessa Fleisch, Kim Learnard and Eric Imker.

Discounting the early November returns for this fun but otherwise meaningless exercise, let’s do the numbers for the runoff completed this past Tuesday. (I know, I know — there was the election and then the runoff. Play along with me here.)

Cyndi Plunkett got $19,103 in cash and in-kind contributions. She got 1,598 votes Tuesday. That’s about $11.95 a vote. Haddix got $3,184 in cash and in-kind contributions. He got 3,058 votes Tuesday. That’s about $1.04 a vote.

So who got the better return on their investment?

For my money, the answer is ... the majority of Peachtree City homeowners.

But what about the lame ducks, the unhappy trio of defeated council members Steve Boone and Cyndi Plunkett and aspirations of higher office Mayor Harold Logsdon?

They have two more meetings before their terms end, and there’s a game-changing annexation and sewer extension proposal coming before them this Thursday night.

Completely unfettered by any political obligations to the voters who rejected them, what final legacy will the triumvirate of Logsdon-Boone-Plunkett leave the people of this city?

I have a heart-felt suggestion for the trio: Punt.

Punt everything to the new crew coming in with the new year. Except for actual emergency issues, table everything, and let the new slate of officers make the calls.

Mr. Logsdon, Mr. Boone and Ms. Plunkett, do this final great favor for your city: Do nothing.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to the trio as they fade into PTC’s past.

Just please, please, don’t do us any more damage that cannot be undone.