Is there a Church with Friendly, Non-Judgemental Members

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in Peachtree City or Sharpsburg area. Small or large not a concern-we have family members in different age brackets from 16 to 60, and in different stages of religious belief. Would like to find a local church with a dynamic speaker for a pastor but one who is member friendly. Thanks for any suggestions. We are members of a Baptist church but have visited and enjoyed other denominations.

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Sonnet on a Church


Dynamic preachers in Georgia are plentiful
Members-friendly though has many meanings.
Might I suggest you keep the front pew full
And you have sufficient republican leanings.

If your family is such that one size fits all,
By that I mean young and the old will attend,
The secret to such togetherness castes no pall.
I'm sure you will without doubt gracefully blend.

If you are Baptist, pretensions of nicety abounds,
Although the Methodists provide a calming retreat.
Lutherans have 95 rules that have meaningful sounds,
Presbyterians and their fixed result, hard to beat.

Good luck with your visits and judgments to come,
Just keep in mind that your comfort only, very dumb!

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I knew it CHR$....

you couldn't resist.

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None that I am aware of!

If you are new to the Atlanta area, you will find that while people are friendly in the hello and have a nice day department...they aren't so friendly if you ain't family.

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Christ Our Shepherd Lutheran,

Christ Our Shepherd Lutheran, on the corner of Peachtree Parkway and Hwy 54 is a relatively large congregation, but we have 4 different services, so it has a smaller church feel. I know the groups I'm involved with are very non-judgemental. We have traditional Lutheran services, but we also have a contemporary service at 11:00 with a praise band and powerpoint projected lyrics. If you were Lutheran, you'd recognize the format, but non-Lutherans are comfortable in the service as well, because we use a LOT of contemporary praise music heard on the radio that you may recognize. (A couple of the members of our band are former Baptists, and they love it.) Even in that service, the ages range from infants to seniors - it appears to be universally appealing. We have an AWESOME Wednesday night program for kids from 3 (I think) to high school. And we JUST filled our senior pastor position with a fantastic pastor and speaker who will be installed on Sept 12th. Our associate pastor is also a wonderful speaker. The two of them complement each other amazingly. We would love for you to join us and try us on for size. Our web site is Services are Saturday evening 7:00 (traditional), Sunday mornings at 8:30 (Traditional) and two at 11:00 am (Sanctuary - traditional; Fellowship Hall - Contemporary). Hope to see you! Kathy (the flute player in the band)

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