Asian/ Hispanic grocery store @ little Kroger

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My wife and I go all the way to Buford to buy Chinese groceries, or H-Mart in Riverdale. Fayette and Coweta has a growing Asian and Hispanic population that could support a small grocery. I believe this would one grocery that would survive in that location.

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Batch: Maybe so, but...

It might receive the same treatment from PTC that would a fatback, grits, fried chicken, and watermelon store there! (as cable guy says...forgive me..)
A first class pawn shop (Rolex Watches, Large Diamonds, Italian Ball Gowns, Natural Pearl Necklaces, and Gold cigarette lighters might be more acceptable.)
We don't even want a Salvation Army Store or any of those other fix-it-up and feed soup places! Might make our house values go down....Oh, they already have? Sorry.

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If only H-Mart were closer!

If only H-Mart were closer!

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