Peachtree City No Longer the Place to Live

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The latest CNN Money rankings for 2010 Best Places to Live are out. Remember last year when Peachtree City was in the top 10, and we went about bragging about how great we are? Well, that is all gone now. We are not even in the top 100 cities mentioned. Looks like Harold Logsdon ran this place into the ground. Now, when the current mayor, city council and responsible citizens sit down and look to our future, a lot of political will is going to be the only thing that brings us back up. Do we really want to continue to base our future existence on the lowest taxes, and least city services? I don't think so. There is no free lunch. Governing on the cheap is a sure way of becoming just another strip mall on the way from Atlanta to Florida.

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PTC wasn't eligable for those rankings

From Betsy Tyler in the 'PTC Updates' section:
"If you’ve checked the Best Places to Live for 2010 (as rated by CNN/Money Magazine) and are wondering where Peachtree City is, we were not eligible this year. Peachtree City ranked in the top 100 in 2007, and in the top 10 in 2005 and 2009, when the publication rated cities with populations lower than 50,000. In even numbered years, the publication rates cities with a population between 50,000 and 300,000, so Peachtree City was not in consideration for 2010. View the 2010 criteria and Best Places list at"

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mgarlow aka city worker

Okay, now that we all know you don't have a clue what you are talking about, maybe we can all reconsider the low tax model as an option. And if that includes eliminating your job, so be it.

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Clueless comes to mind..

when reading your post.

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Please consider retracting your post...

...since the only reason PTC didn't make it is it wasn't eligible.

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The Village Cafe

Is it true? Is the Village Cafe reopening in PTC? Who is opening it?

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Village Cafe

The new Village Cafe will be located in the plaza across from the hospital on hwy 54. Not sure when the open date is. If you're in the area, try the Tour of Italy Pizza place. It's really good.

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Village Cafe

should be opening today. I believe the Chef from Maxwell's has moved there--blv he was also Chef at the other Village Cafe that was in Fayetteville.

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Oh where, oh where

did our Garlow go, oh where, oh where can he be???

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Fresh Market

If my wildest dreams come true and they do open a Fresh Market where the Baby Kroger used to be, I'd say that's an absolutely brilliant way to keep up PTC standards. There have certainly been some signs of PTC decline in the past few years but the introduction of such a store - especially in that particular location - may very well be PTC's saving grace.
Now if only we could get recycling pick-up and get rid of our psychotic deer, I'd really be happy as a clam.

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lightning rod

Wildest dreams, huh?
An over-priced bunch of vegetables and a pick-up for recycling which mostly is dumped into land-fills is certainly magnificent wishes. I just want a million dollars suddenly.

Our recyclables have been being picked up for months at our house! My wife feels good about doing it. Do you live in a remote County area?

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I agree that the vegetables are over-priced. But they taste better and have less toxins in them.