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S. Lindsey
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Joe Kawfi
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Joe Biden

This clown Joe Biden was hand-picked by the Community Organizer, thug-in-chief Obama.

They have forgotten who they work for and feel perfectly comfortable calling their employers "smarta@@".

Joe Biden should be forced to resign over that comment. What a class-less jerk.

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lindsey and Kawfi

Biden called the custard pusher a smarta__for his smarta__ comment to the Vice President of the United States.

You guys with so much class call the President of the United States "the Community Organizer and thug in chief."

Talk about classless jerks.

PTC Observer
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Lion - classless jerk

It is not surprising that the current Vice President of the United States could treat a citizen this way. After all he works on the same team with Rahm foul mouth Emanuel. Mr. Obama's handpicked chief of staff. Judge a man by the company he keeps.

Classless jerk? Which one?