Democrats pass Anti-Free Speech Act

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S. Lindsey
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OK.. it's called the Disclosure Act... I just love the names of these things..Much like Obama's meeting on Government Transparency done in secret without the press.
This "Disclosure" act was done behind closed doors as well. Basically the "act" makes sure that groups like the Teaparty MUST disclose who are the top 5 donors and their pictures must appear in all advertising along with amounts and who they are during the ad. Guaranteeing that anonymous donors will not donate if their families may come under attack.

The "Act" has some exclusions.. First the Unions.. They get a pass on this. They don't have to comply.. The other the NRA.. That's right.. The NRA. They were bought off. When they threatened to fight the bill they were added to the "Exclusion list". as a side note my NRA card along with a letter expressing my disgust was mailed to their Corporate Headquarters.

The Democrats have been seething since January when the Supreme Court overturned the ban on Corporations ability to exercise their 1st amendment rights. They have been waiting for the right moment to release this little jewel.

So let's recap. If you are a grassroots average Citizens group you need to sit down and SHUT UP.. If you are part of the Unions you get to say pretty much anything you want.. If you are the NRA well you get to dance with the devil and if you think you can make that deal work well Sucks to be you when you realize that thing in your back is a knife.

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