Obama's Secretary of Labor supports Illegal Immigration

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That's right the program is called "We can Help" and it works like this.. http://www.contracostatimes.com/politics-government/ci_14802083?nclick_c... ""We're the feds, but the good ones," said Paul Ramirez, speaking in Spanish inside the Michael Chavez Center, a gathering spot for day laborers. "We're here to help workers."
The unprecedented visit was part of a campaign to bring long-established workplace protections to the nation's most vulnerable and underpaid workers, including those who have no legal right to be living in the United States.
"Documented or not, the law is: If you work certain hours, you are owed certain money," Ramirez told the small crowd. Met at first with apprehension, the Brentwood native captivated his audience of men from Mexico and Central America as he told of tending tomatoes, onions, asparagus and cucumbers as a young California field hand. Now an enforcer of workplace rules, he advised what to do when contractors skirt the law."

"Labor Secretary Hilda Solis is rushing to point out that this program covers all workers regardless of immigration status. In other words, one part of the federal government is assisting with something that the other parts of the federal government considers to be illegal."

The "Were the good ones" statement tells all you need to know about this administration and it's position (Open Borders) on stopping Illegal Immigration.. What is that position? They don't have one except to continue to look the other way and assist the Illegals wherever they can.

This is just another outrage in a long series of outrages by this administration. Coming on the heels of the announcement that the Fed is going to sue Arizona over their enforcing the Federal statute against Illegal Aliens entering America ILLEGALLY.. this administration makes up the laws as they see fit. The Constitution MEANS NOTHING to these people.

This Obamanation must stop. This Government is out of control and it is past time to stop the madness. In November we have a chance to put the brakes on this Government. We must show them it's "We the People" that control this Government not that this Government controls the People..

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