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S. Lindsey
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S. Lindsey
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Government approved Pet Stores?

When is enough enough?
OK, so now, the HSUS and other activists at state level are working to ensure that we, the people, have to go through a government GSE (animal shelter) to acquire pets.

Is this America or are we now run by unelected NGO’s that make decisions about what we can buy and/or acquire and where we can buy and/or acquire it? This is absolutely insane!

What about all of the reputable pet breeders that DO the RIGHT thing? When will they be next? Why is everyone that is NOT part of the Animal Rights (AR) agenda treated as if they are some kind of criminal operating a criminal enterprise that has been BANNED by UNELECTED activists? I agree that there is a problem and that SOME people have done the WRONG thing but why is everyone treated this way? When individual citizens do the wrong thing (animal cruelty), they SHOULD face the consequences of their actions but this? Shut down pet stores? How many more Americans will be out of a job because of this? How many more family owned businesses will go out of business because of this?

Can anybody in Congress do ANYTHING? Yes, the silence of the Republican Party is absolutely deafening!

“There are no official statistics on how many pet-store dogs come from puppy mills. Between 2 million and 4 million dogs are born in U.S. puppy mills every year, according to the Humane Society of the United States, and many of those dogs do end up in pet stores — in addition to being sold over the internet, through newspaper classifieds and in other venues.”

No “official statistics” and yet they can influence our economy at the state level by shutting it down! How DARE these people make these decisions about our economy and on what statistics are these based on? We cannot even sell an animal as a pet via the internet, newspaper classifieds or other venues? Are we now living in the Soviet Union?

These people will soon end the animal husbandry industry (e.g. aquaculture, cattle ranching, poultry farming, dairy farming, etc) of our country if they continue to have their way…

So just what happens to the restaurant and grocery store industries when this happens? How many more people will be out of work? If there’s any doubt, you’d better study the information in the above link from the NJABR very carefully…So I guess we need to start growing our own food at home? Or will the AR folks even permit this? Do we have to allow the HSUS or PETA police inspect our homes to satisfy their asinine insanity?

I suggest you start reading the “agricultural 5-year plans” instituted by Lenin and later by Stalin in the Soviet Union…These plans resulted in the complete collapse of the USSR’s entire agricultural industries and 100,000’s of Soviet citizens starved to death…Rampant black markets existed (and were ruthlessly prosecuted) by the citizens in their attempt to survive…But hey, President Clinton’s PCSD (executive order 12852, 1993) calls for population control and one of the ways mother nature controls populations is by famine!

Excerpt from the link above…

“The basic "platform" of animal rights calls for the end to all human "exploitation" of animals - this includes, but is not limited to:
• Use of animals and animal products for human or animal dietary consumption (meat and dairy)
• Confinement livestock and poultry production
• Hunting, trapping, and fishing
• Fur-farming
• Use of animals in cosmetic and product-safety testing
• The practice of owning pets
• Use of animals and animal products in clothing and domestic products (wool, fur, leather, silk)
• Use of animals for any medical or veterinary research or procedure
• Zoos, circuses, rodeos, horseshows, and dog-shows
• All performing animals
• Guide-dogs for the blind
• Police dogs and search and rescue dogs”

You’ve got to be kidding…Where does this end?

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