America off limits to Americans?

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The Fish and Wildlife Services has placed about 80 miles of Arizona OFF LIMITS to Americans because the Mexican Drug Cartels continued Violence in the area.

When will the Government react to the threat.. I have chronicled the attacks and border incursions into America by the Mexican Army. Their President
has placed the Mexican Army on our Southern border and then warns us not to send our Military to the region.

The Mexican Government is assisting Illegals in America, specifically California, by giving them IDs so Illegals can obtain US TAXPAYER assistance. The Mexican Army is escorting drug shipments into America. Our Citizens are being attacked. Whole areas on the border are under siege.

When Arizona finally is fed up with the invasion and decides to do something about it. This administration attacks not Mexico but Arizona and American Citizens.

George Soros and the Center for American Progress and Open Borders

Obama agenda driven by Center for American Progress and George Soros

"The Center for American Progress is classified as a 501(c) organization under U.S. Internal Revenue Code. The institute receives approximately $25 million per year in funding from a variety of sources, including individuals, foundations, and corporations. From 2003 to 2007, the center received about $15 million in grants from 58 foundations. Major individual donors include George Soros, Peter Lewis, Steve Bing, and Herbert M. Sandler. The Center receives undisclosed sums from corporate donors.
Wal-Mart is a major funder of the Center for American Progress, having given at least half a million dollars to the organization. Wal-Mart has been a major backer of Pres Obama's health care legislation, which critics contend would disproportionately drive up costs for Wal-Mart's smaller competitors.
Some open government groups, such as the Sunlight Foundation and the Campaign Legal Center, criticize the Center's failure to disclose its contributors, particularly since it is so influential in appointments to the Obama administration.
CAP has also been funded by the Democracy Alliance."

Labor unions (SEIU) support Illegal Immigration

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