Beer Pong, Water Gun Fights and Concerts.. No not Centennial park.. at the WHITEHOUSE

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S. Lindsey
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In the middle of an Environmental CRISIS.. A REAL one.. This administration decides to throw parties.. spend 10 Million dollars of our money on concerts... play beer pong
and have water gun fights. If Obama is not playing Golf or taking Vacations he is visiting every other Country except Israel our closest ally in the Mideast or giving interviews and apologizing to everyone else ..

"On Thursday he insisted in a CNN interview: "this is the best job on Earth."

I guess so when you can book 14 individual concerts for your personal enjoyment at a cost of 10 Million of TAXPAYER dollars.. (Where you invited?).
Play more Golf in 9 months than Bush did in 3 years.. and generally just enjoy the perks of being President. All while we, as he says, are in the worst economy since the depression, job loss is
through the roof and the DOW falling below 10,000..

Where is the outrage at Obama from the "Mainstream" media?.. We are still at WAR in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Economy is broken.. Industry is limping along.. and many Americans are out of work and have given up..

This is not the time to be partying it up and having a good time while the rest of America is tightening our belts and having too much skin in the game..

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