US dumps on Israel

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It seems like this administration prefers Jihadist over Allies. Friday the UN passed a resolution that is aimed directly at Israel with the intent to disarm them. The UN has done this before this is not new.. What is new however is the US backed the resolution? So let me get this straight the ONLY ally we have in the Middle East is Israel and not only did we supply the bus that run them over.. Obama drove it.

June 1st Hillary climbs into bed with Hamas and supports the “condemnation” of Israel over the latest attack by terrorist attempting to run the blockade.

With the dismissal of our allies from the UK to Israel just who does this administration want as friends?

Obama Signals Readiness To Talk To Taliban

Afghanistan's Taliban - - Former Government Is Now Insurgency

I just don’t know.

I do know this however we need Israel. They are the stopgap in the War on Terrorism.. well the Manmade disaster Contingency whatever.. For the US to back Israel’s disarmament which will certainly cause the destruction and finish the job Hitler tried to do goes to show just how much “CHANGE” the US has already seen…

Israel has a right to defend itself from TERRORIST groups like HAMAS that has vowed to see them DESTROYED. This enforcement of the blockade they conducted and the subsequent attack by the “Peace Loving Activist” and the resulting “Condemnations” coming in from everyone clearly shows the Terrorist are already winning. This administration’s help to HAMAS is invaluable.

IDF attacked by “Peace Loving Activist”..

Why is it you will not find these Videos on CBS, NBC or ABC?

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