Suddenly I hear zero about drilling for oil in the water!!!!!!

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What do you say that we remove ALL oversight of the oil companies and maybe they will not destroy the rest of the country?
Lets hear you about this?
Are you ready to trust them again? How about Banks?

S. Lindsey
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US approves new Oil platform in the Gulf today
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You really don't know what of you speak!

This one is in 15 feet of water. Even you could repair a leak!

Are you a TEA?

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And yet again

Bonkers$ is heard from.

Joe Kawfi
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Government now wants to control Airline Industry

"Airline passengers have rights and should be able to expect fair and reasonable treatment when they fly," LaHood said during a press conference Wednesday. "With this rulemaking, we're proposing to strengthen the consumer protections enacted last month and raise the bar for airlines when it comes to treating passengers fairly."

Yes, Mr. The Hood, passengers do have rights. They have the right to drive themselves or take greyhound, or Amtrak (another failed government enterprise) if they don't want to fly.

Government is completely out of control and Obama and his minions are leading the charge. Instead of focusing on fixing their own house, these incompetent buffoons in the Obozo administration are trying to tell airlines how to run their business. Heck, it's government incompetence in running the ATC system that has causes flight delays- yet the government penalizes the airlines for their utter incompetence.

2012 cannot come fast enough. Our great Republic cannot last with the idiot Obama and the dems in charge.

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Joe Kawfi, the beat goes on

Joe Kawfi, the beat goes on and your so wrong! Who is going to be your, (ahem,) white knight, for 2012, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, or (hahaha,)Scott Brown? If you can't answer, I completely understand, it might be too early for your good folks at FreedomWorks to tell you what you are allowed to think on the subject.

Joe Kawfi
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More corruption in the Obama administration

White House Faces Fresh Questions Over Back-Room Dealmaking

The White House faced fresh questions over back-room dealmaking after the White House acknowledged one of President Obama's top advisers had suggested to a Democratic candidate the potential for an administration job in lieu of challenging the candidate whom the president favored in the Colorado Senate race.

This "administration" stinks like a whore house at low tide...

Davids mom
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This "administration" stinks like a whore house at low tide...

Thanks for sharing your experience with the smell of whore houses.

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