35 million illegals and maybe that many legals from South America and other places

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I read such statements as "send the illegals back, now!" How do we know who they are? Someone said," I see them working everywhere, lets just arrest them and return them." I can tell some people that I see "might" be non-white and non-black, but I can not tell if they are illegal! We know that we have millions who are legal.
Even if it was legal to walk up to every "suspicious" person and ask them for papers, it would take a hundred years to give them a hearing and take them back to the border.
I know some want those who look like Mexicans, for example, to be checked every time we see one, but just how is that legal?

The only way is for businesses to NOT hire them---then they will voluntarily flood the border going home. (business meaning the person or company benefitting from their labor).

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