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After being fired at a Tyrone Council meeting in June 2008 for missing funds, Clerk Valerie Fowler Caldwell was then hired as Clerk for the tiny Dekalb County Town of Pine Lake.

Pine lake has a population of 700 people and is located just 3 miles from Stone Mountain City Hall where Valerie’s long time Tyrone Co-worker Barry Amos now works. Pine lake is a planned resort city, a lake community, that prides itself as “a vacation spot where you can live all year and your neighbors become your best friends”. Sounds just the opposite of Tyrone where your government and some residents become your worst enemies.

The Pine lake Minutes of February 8, 2010 shows that Council formed a Financial Audit Committee that consists of one Council Member, one resident and City Clerk Valerie Caldwell. The fox is in charge of the hen house again.

Valerie advised Council that she is one of four people who run the city, the other 3 are an administrator, police chief & public works.

Government takes care of its own. No matter what your performance, you will always be hired by another government. That’s why government only gets worse!

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