Triathlon, Again?

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Mike King
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Another Saturday morning in Peachtree City that my neighborhood is barred from exiting to run errands, play golf, or(heaven forbid) go to work because of yet another triathlon that gets to block the streets for three hours. Having resided here for the past twenty-three years, I must respectfully ask these planners to choose another route, I mean blocking the same streets and clogging nearby cartpaths year after year on the same route has to be irritating others beside me. Heck, last year they came through my neighborhood restricting me from exiting my driveway.

I guess those in charge believe this event adds revenue to the Tourism Association, but have they bothered to actually see if there is an uptick in hotel/motel tax on the night preceeding these races? A rhetorical question for those city employees who might wish to add their spin. So please expend your energies toward moving next year's race to Kedron, if the County will give you permission.

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