Tyrone Finally Defeated In Zoning Lawsuit

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In 2004 the worst government in the history of Tyrone passed new zoning that took away property rights and caused a property owner to sue in 2007. After 3 years of fighting in State & Federal Courts over condemnation and being fought to a standstill the government finally gave up upon advisement of their lawyers and agreed to recognize vested rights by grandfathering in all those property uses that were taken illegally.

In a May 3rd 2010 letter to the Plaintiff’s lawyers, Tyrone Lawyer Dennis Davenport said, “that the Town of Tyrone would not deny any requests by your client to continue a non-conforming use or make any decisions which would impact the vested rights. The town stands ready to issue appropriate permits to your client”.

It will be left up to the Superior Court of Fayette County to decide on the damages for this unconstitutional taking without just compensation.

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