FCC set to announce the Internet is a Public Utility open to Regulations

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Power and Control.. The answers to the question Why?

Net Neutrality was shot down by the courts. If you don't remember what Net Neutrality is: "Net neutrality is the principle that Internet providers should treat all data equally and avoid restricting or delaying access to certain sites." Many experts say this gives the Government the right to "disagree" with a certain position of proponents of Government policy. In short they don't like a particular website they can force the ISP to shut it down unless it provides an alternate view: Net Neutrality.

The courts ruled that the FCC/Government does not have the authority to enforce such an act.

So what does the Government do.. Well as Nancy Pelosi said you Go around it, Jump over it but get it done no matter how you do it.. So now the FCC has decided to just do "Net Neutrality anyway by declaring it a Public Utility where it can be regulated at will.

Is this a Representative Republic or something else? When the ruling elite makes Rules and Regulations that are diametrically opposed to Freedom of expression and speech and against the very will of the people.. we have moved towards a Dictatorship not a Republic.

The Government has moved towards taking over the Banks, Industry and now Communications and thus speech.

The Battle for our Freedoms has begun.

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