Times Square 'white guy' car bomber

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When the news of the Times Square car bomber broke, and the media rushed to blame a "white guy", my fellow democrats and I jumped for joy. Wow, just what the democrat party and president li'l o prayed for.....an incident, fueled by right-wing extremists, tea party members, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin. We had a sense of victory. We listened intently to all the usual suspects...I mean the main stream media......a "white man" spotted changing a shirt. Boy, we were giddy. The (liberal) republican mayor came out and said must be someone who didn't like the health care bill, obviously incited by the right. Oh, wow ! Then, democrat Jerald Nadless said it was a right-wing nut. We were celebratory! The news reported, dutifully, the "white guy" talking point. Damn, if they could have only verified he was a Christian, we would have it in the bag....November would be ours for the taking. Then, this morning, the news said it was a brown guy. A Pakistani. A terrorist. A Muslim. Damn, just damn. Now, my fellow democrats and I are reaching for the anti-depressants...calling our shrinks...feeling so defeated. We didn't care about any of the other news about the illegal aliens, La Raza and other assorted union thugs, criminals and creeps in California violating civil rights, destroying property and burning American flags. Those are non issues that me and the dem's just don't care about. We really wanted and needed the "white guy" to be blamed for the failed car bomb. That's all that matters to us. Hey, where's my prozac?

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Sorry to hear Alarm....

Feeling sorry for your KKKass as the guy didn't turn up to be one of those shorts and socks and tennis wearing tea baggers...I guess we still have to wait for the next Tim McVeigh to show up.

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