Meet your 51st State.. Puerto Rico..

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S. Lindsey
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A new star is about to be added to our flag. Congress is voting on Statehood for Puerto Rico TODAY. HR 2499 a "non-binding bill" called the Puerto Rico Democracy Act.

We are not being told anything about this.. Have you heard anything from ABC, NBC, or CBS? Why not?

This bill is being sold to the Politicians as simply a "feel" good bill with no meaning. The New Progressive Party in Puerto Rico however believes differently. They are advertising this as a vote guaranteeing Statehood for Puerto Rico. Their (NPP) flyers say they will use the "Tennessee Plan" to accomplish this..

Tennessee and Alaska both forced Congress to give them Statehood after similar votes in Congress. Those "loopholes" gave them the ability to send Representatives to Washington and have them seated. It worked.

The New Progressive Party is going to use this vote to do the same thing.. If their Representatives are not seated then they plan a "Brown Out" to force us to accept it.. The rallying cry..

Yep you guessed it.. RACISM . Riots and forced boycotts will be the order of the day.

So pull your flags down and break out those sewing kits.. Anybody know where I can get my new star?

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