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There are holes in the frill pipe about a mile down where the rig used to be in a platform on the Gulf It is leaking a zillion gallons a day.

Although oil companies own the rights to drill for oil there, they have hired "flunkies" to do the drilling, thus hoping to avoid this sort of blame.

For scores of years this was warned as an occurrence to come--they were doing the drilling on the cheap in such depth.
Even JEB Bush former FL governor knew better for a long time, but he eventually gave in when he didn't run again.

It will start to destroy all oyster beds and the shrimp soon. The hotels might as well close for now. Take a while to get the oil out of all that sand and swamps.

Notice who is sucking up what they can---the USA Coast Guard, mostly.

Now the Coast Guard will set it on fire today which should be fun for the air and wherever it blows.

Wonder how long that hole will belch?

Drill baby, drill--Sarah took that out of her standard memorized speech, I think.

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Governor Barbour: (R) MS, Drill, baby drill

He wants to restart the drilling "now." Loss of work and income looks bad on him.
CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc., are having a ball making a fool of themselves. Most knowledgeable people know we have a major catastrophe now, even if the well stopped flowing.
The announcers are real dummies, especially the women. They simply can not decide whether you use gallons or barrels to say what the leak is.
The BP CEO today said they were capturing 10,000 gallons per day now (that is a mere 230 barrels or one fourth semi load!).
A reporter then said they were obviously catching one-half of the spill!
The spill was before they turned it on full blast about 200,000 gallons per day, or 4,000 barrels!
230 is not one-half of 4000! More like 6%, even if the flow hasn't increased since they cut the pipe.

The news idiots and politicians are simply stirring up trouble trying to get Obama to stop the oil and clean it up, "NOW."

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Gov Barbour

Hey, ease off on Haley--he's a very good Governor and proved his mettle during Katrina--he took care of business. We could do with a Governor like him. He's a "Give'em hell Harry" kind of guy--you oughta like that!

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GYM: Barbour

He didn't say all domestic oil-----only that which he gets royalties from and provides workers for!What mettle did he prove in Katrina? He rattled a lot in that phony accent! Did he rescue anyone or spend any MS money?

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You are right Slickbonker$....

Lets just shut down all domestic drilling. I'll even give you an old bicycle to pedal around town.

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Oil Prices - Double in the next 5 years

(Reuters) - Oil is a good short-term bet for another five months due to upcoming peak U.S. summer driving season, while prices in the long-term are likely to double along with gold in five years, said a leading fund manager.


Lets see, it will cost $182 to fill-up the "beast". Note to self, tell the "boss" to slow down.

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Quiet correct Cyclist

Oil is going to go higher and stay up longer and the worse part is as long as we are hamstrung here is America on our sources of Energy we will be paying $4.00+ from now on.

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