Loud garage band in chanticleer

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To all residents on wyonia way in chanticleer subdivision: please express your disapproval of the excessively loud garage band at 185 wyonia way. I work an odd schedule which sometimes requires me to catch up on much needed sleep during the daytime. Often this music is loud enough to wake me up. The fayette county noise ordinances say 55 decibles during the daytime is the legal limit. It is quite obvious that the music that the homeowner allows his son to play is far above the level allowed under the current noise ordinance. If we want to continue to enjoy our neighborhood in the same way we have for years, then please report the excessive volume issues to the marshalls office or the sherriffs office.

P.S. If you call the fayette county dispatch office, specify a "silent dispatch" to the operator. It is obvious that the resident is listening to a police radio scanner, because his son mysteriously stops playing and goes in the house about 2 minutes before the authorities arrive on scene.

Thank you for your shared concern for the well being of YOUR neighborhood.