A Parable about Liberals and Progressives dedicated to DavidsMom

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Once upon a time there was a sleepy little village with about 2000 happy villagers lived. The villagers decided they needed a mayor. So they had an election and voted for the most articulate of them in the bunch. This newly elected Mayor was very compassionate and wanted all of his fellow villagers to live as equals..

One day he spotted 5 “seemingly homeless” people hanging out in a park. He approached them and said: “It’s not your fault that you are so disadvantaged it’s our fault.. Society is at fault”. It did not matter that these people was given every opportunity to better themselves.. they still chose to be a “bum”.
So the Mayor took them to the Butcher and told the Butcher that it was his responsibility to “HELP” his fellow man. Being a compassionate man the Butcher gave a portion of his production to help feed the “financially deprived” people. The Mayor then went to the Baker and again the Baker also helped his fellow man.. Feeling good about his self the Mayor went home satisfied.

The Next Day…

The Mayor arrived at the Village square to see 10 “Homeless” people. The Mayor seeing his responsibility took them to the Butcher and Baker. Both, although reluctantly gave of their production to help them. Again the Mayor saw what he had done and felt satisfied and went home.
The Next Day…
100 people were waiting for the Mayor when he arrived. Never asking where they had all come from he marched the crowd down to the Butcher and Bakers to demand that they feed the crowd. The Butcher and Baker balked at giving up so much of their production saying that they could not give away that much and still feed their own families. The Mayor turned to the now angry crowd and said.. “ These GREEDY RICH Businessmen are only concerned about their PROFITS they don’t care if you starve to death. Come back tomorrow and I will help you..” The Mayor watched the angry crowd slowly leave and feeling angry himself vowed that this is not over.

The Next Day…

When the Mayor arrived at the Village Square he found 1000 people waiting for their “FREE STUFF.” He immediately went to the consul and demanded that all Businesses must give 40% of their production to “HELP” the needy. The Consul seeing the angry mass quickly wrote up a NEW TAX on the Village Businesses. The Mayor took the new TAX in hand and along the way picked up the Villages lone Peace Officer and went with the Crowd in tow to the Business district.. Once there he confiscated by threat of force 40% of all the businesses production and gave it to the crowd. The Mayor seeing that the crowd was happy and loved him was happy and went home satisfied.

The Next Day…

Upon arriving at the square a crowd of 2000 people were waiting.. Knowing that 40% confiscation of production was not going to satisfy the crowd the Mayor quickly wrote up an Executive order that placed a Value Added Tax to all goods of 40% additional to the 40% already on the businesses. He then marched to the business district again with the crowd and lone peace officer and promptly took 80% of that day’s production from the Businesses and transferred the production to the crowd satisfying them once more..

The Next Day…

A crowd too large to count had gathered. The Mayor seeing this quickly wrote up a new Executive order that confiscated 100% of the RICH Business owner’s production. He justified it by thinking heir RICH anyway they are GREEDY and he was going to “Spread that WEALTH around” t help those that need it..
He marched downtown with the Crowd upon entering the Business district he saw every Business was closed and a sign on each door that read..”Due to the Government confiscation of my production I can no longer operate my business.”
The Mayor turned to the ANGRY MOB and said “IT’S THEIR FAULT”. He was later found hung from a lamp post. The Village was burned down and the villagers run off..

Moral Of The Story…

No matter the intent. Once you start taxing/confiscation of the production/profits of the “RICH” for the purpose of re-distributing it to those that CONTRIBUTE NOTHING TO SOCIETY the RICH BUSINESS owners will simply cease to be productive and the source of TAX REVENUE will DRY UP!!!
Once that occurs the Societal Bonds will break and we will devolve to ANARCHY.

LIBERALS lean towards Progressivism.. Progressives lean towards Socialism

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