butterflies hanging in school.

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Recently, The Citizen had a letter written by some teachers explaining the butterflies hanging in the hallway at the school. The handmade, colorful butterflies each represent a number of children killed during the holocust. The symbol is cute and the intention is sweet. We can all stand there and gaze at the cut out little flutterers, comment on how horrible the holocust was, hold hands, sing cumbaya, and proclaim we did something. The lesson learned is....hope it doesn't happen again, and if it does, we can hang some more butterflies in the hallway at school.
A much better symbol, and lesson learned, would be to have all the students draw pictures of guns and hang those in the hallway. The guns would represent the fact that the nazi government did not allow the people to have guns and, therefore, were sitting ducks for the despicable time that followed. If the people could have protected themselves we would not have had a holocust. And now, as the "nazis" in Iran have their own holocust plans brewing, what symbol will you choose for their victims?

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