Arctic Sea Ice Melting In Death Spiral Global Warming is now Undeniable

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S. Lindsey
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Well at least that's what they told us...

"New NSIDC director Serreze explains the “death spiral” of Arctic ice, brushes off the “breathtaking ignorance” of blogs like WattsUpWithThat

Climate Progress, June 5th, 2009"

A timeline for the “breathtakingly ignorant” follows.

2007: record Arctic ice minimum in 2007 – big news, unprecedented, shocking, Navy postgraduate school scientist says Arctic summers to be ice-free ‘by 2013′

2008: ditto, this year’s ice recovery is just a blip, it’s really caught in a “death spiral”

2009: ditto, this recovery for a second year means nothing – Arctic continues death spiral, you people are breathtakingly ignorant

2010: Arctic sea ice approaches normal for this time of year, first time since 2001 – “…reactions to the 2007 melt were overstated…we must be more careful in not reading too much into one event”

Dr. Serreze said this week in an interview with The Sunday Times:

“In retrospect, the reactions to the 2007 melt were overstated. The lesson is that we must be more careful in not reading too much into one event,” Serreze said.

Arctic Sea Ice has reached "Normal Levels" so just exactly how was it the Arctic Ice Caps were supposed to be ice free year round...?

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The real threat is the gas within the melting ice

There is a super-duper GHG trapped in some of the ice. It is called "methane hydrate" and contains more carbon than all the oil, coal, and natural gas combined. Current climate models don't even this into their already dire forecasts! CH4 is 100 times more powerful as CO2 over the first decade. While fossil fuel needs to be burned to release the GHG into the air, methane hydrate need only to melt. Frankly, it is laughable to worry about melting ice caps and ocean rise when natural methane emissions (and collapsing ecosystems) in a warming world is BY FAR the biggest and most imminent threat. Let's get real.

S. Lindsey
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Ok.. So what do you think dobbie?

are you a AGW advocate or not?

Because if I read your post correctly then it is not CO2 to be worried about it's methane.. a Naturally occurring by-product of all things living as well as from the crust of the Earth..

Actually you are correct in that CO2 is not the issue.