Bonkers has his Sonnets.. I guess I can do a Parable

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I am not sure when it was I first heard this one but I do remember a old Economics professor used it over and over.. It is particularly relevant TODAY.

The Ants and the Grasshopper..

The ants worked daily to produce food for themselves and their family. They worked hard. While the Grasshopper danced, played and sang all day. The Summer was warm and sunny, however the ants knew that winter was coming so they prepared.

Slowly the seasons changed, but the grasshopper still danced and sang. The ants only worked harder.. Finally it happened the First snow fell..

The grasshopper finding himself without food and was starving remembered the ants working all day.. and went to their home.

He begged the ants for food.. The ants being compassionate.. Fed the Grasshopper all winter..

Spring came.. The grasshopper with barely a thanks went on his way fat from the ants food. Again he played while the ants worked.

Winter hits hard.. and the ants where storing their food.. When a loud noise caused them to come up and see what was happening.

They saw that same grasshopper now with 10,000 of his children. The grasshopper came forward and said they were all starving and needed food.

The ants withdrew to discuss it.. The committee decided that they where at least partially responsible now for the grasshopper I mean they created his dependence after all.

They looked at their central food supply and decided that they would not be able to feed all and last the winter.. So they decided to take the personal supplies from the hardest workers after all they had more then everyone else.

They fed all of the grasshoppers children and made it through the winter but just barely.

Summer came.. The grasshoppers left after taken all they could carry and the ants went back to work. However they failed to notice that the hardest workers among them left disgusted with the fact that their production was confiscated to feed the grasshoppers.. and the grasshoppers played, danced and sang the days away.. the ants prepared for winter.. soon they discovered the loss of the best producers and they saw as winter hit that they barely had enough to feed themselves.

Winter came hard and harsh.. The ants heard a mighty thunder and came out to see what was going on.. and there surrounding their home was 1 MILLION grasshoppers. The grandfather grasshopper came over to the ants and demanded they be fed or they would destroy their home. The ants tried to tell him they did not have enough.. The grasshoppers carried out their threat and soon all perished.

The moral of the story is obvious.

We have created an entitlement society. Yes we are mostly at fault. The Government is now reaching into the hardest workers and producers pockets to take what the Government needs to supply healthcare to the receiver class in our society.

One day soon we may all wake up to find that the hardest workers and producers of our society has left too.. and the grasshoppers have surrounded us.

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