Brown Amphitheater

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Boz Scaggs
Cheap Trick
Christopher Cross
Jose Feliciano
Village People

These entertainers, although some of them are noted for one or two songs, are a somewhat unusual set of choices for a whole season! In many cases the bands have only one original member.

I went every time for several years and saw legends come here week after week. I haven't been for several years for two reasons: poor talent and rude drunks.

I know those of whom I speak were more expensive to get, but they did fill up all seats and the lawn twice a week. Also the revenue helped pay the overhead for the Tennis Center.

Now I understand there are plenty of empty seats. It is my opinion that they are empty due to the talent and not because people quit going for other reasons.
Many of this group are still travelling after 40 years and haven't progressed.

That is not true of Chuck Berry, Wayne Newton, Tony Orlando, Glenn Campbell, Willie Nelson, John Fogelsong, and many others still available. These folks always have something new to show.

It seems that filling the seats again would pay the difference. It used to do so!