Obama to open up and expand offshore oil drilling.. Another Broken Promise but this time a good thing

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S. Lindsey
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Of all the broken promises he has done this is one is a good one.. It's about time that he realizes that the need for energy is imperative to the Country and we have to explore our own resources.

The only problem is he does not go far enough. The East Coast and Florida is opened up..as well as some of Alaska's Coast.. but leaves out all of the West Coast and NONE of the Gas Rich Mid-West.

I have the feeling that Obama is preparing for his "Cap and Trade" program so he can say he wants more energy while taxing it to death..

June 20, 2008
Obama: no offshore drilling

At a stop in Jacksonville today, Sen. Barack Obama plans to tell reporters that he continues to support the federal ban on off-shore drilling. His Republican rival, Sen. John McCain, said this week he would like to lift the ban and let states decide whether to drill.

And when I am President, I will keep the moratorium in place and prevent oil companies from drilling off Florida’s coasts,” Obama says. “That’s how we can protect our coasts and still make the investments that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil and bring down gas prices for good.”

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