'Stormwater Utility' Destruction not repair.

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The hawks that had a nest behind my house are flying in circles screeching, the deer have left, no birds chirping, or squirrels & chipmunks scurrying through my backyard. Why isn't someone checking the horrific devastation the stormwater utility dept is wreaking all over PTC in their pseudobusy work? They have destroyed the earthen dam today that was behind my house, plowed under hundreds of plants & trees with no real justification for it. This dam has never been breached or leaked, it was natural & beautiful, covered with wild berries, ferns, wildflowers, lilies, and pampas grass. I have pictures of how beautiful & natural it was & new pictures of the devastation they have wrought. During the Harvest moon I walked back there on the cart path & took pictures of this incredible moon through the branches of trees that are now plowed under, piled up as brush by a dumpster in the street. They intend to keep plowing down more of the trees and replace all of this with highway grass. The pond area & dam is behind my house & the 'construction' area is on Kedron Drive where the street is closed (for 6 months!) while they bulldoze all the woods down back there. I was told they are doing the same thing on Peachtree Parkway at an intersection there with another neighborhood. This is so sad to see the green areas of Peachtree City destroyed at will by uncaring public officials so they can justify charging us 'stormwater' utility fees. And yet they do nothing about the real damage being done by stormwater. I have had to pick trash up from my yard and through the woods back there that washes out of the sewers running under Kedron Drive to the mosquito infested open ditch that floods the area back there, causing gullies & washing out vast areas of wildflowers, ferns, and trees. It's disgusting & destructive...and they want to concrete the dam, leave the ditch & throw out highway grass instead. There are deer, fox..including a rare Sampson fox, raccoons, and other creatures that live back there. To sit & watch Peachtree City destroy these beautiful natural areas and concrete over them is not why I chose to live here.

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