How does Local budget compare

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compare to our US budget?
Here is the US:
Total: 3.5 Trillion ($3,500,000,000,000) = 100%

Composed of:
Defense 23%
Social Security 20%
Medicare 19%
Other mandatory 17%
Interest 5% (84% to here)
Discretionary 12%

Total = 100%

16% of 100% for TARP and Discretionary seems to be where the cuts can be made.
I am interested what some of you think that we could cut in the other 84%. to balance the budget and pay some on debt.

Maybe we just don't have enough income!

Now local budget:

Mostly debt service and personnel.
Which one do you want to cut.


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Need more income

I also think we need more income!
Georgia had a good new law this year: tax hospital's income!
We could also do that nationally.

How about a SPLOST of a trillion or two? You see that is not an expenditure, it is income from individual taxes on purchases!

I also think we could put a tariff on stuff we ship out of the country that others have to have!

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No one seems to have ventured what to cut in the two cases above!
I think Bonkers shut up the "cut spending" group!
Or, maybe they are just afraid to say in public: Cut Social Security, or cut defense?
A sufficient cut in any of the other accounts doesn't amount to much!

Now as to local budget, we have to pay our debt service, so anyone for cutting heads? Anyone?? (Mike you don't count).

I despise yappers who just complain and have no solution that solves the problem.

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Dadgummit CHR$

There you go again; answering your own blog. You took the blue pill didn't you?

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