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So…does this sound like price gouging?
My pipe bursts this week like many others in the area. So, at approximately 4pm yesterday I called Fitzgerald and Sons Plumbing (PTC). I’m told if we come out now (or tonight) it’s going to be overtime rate ($277). Or, if you can wait we can schedule to come tomorrow morning. Plus they tell me, we are really backed up with 12 calls ahead of your. Price then drops to regular rate of $72 for the call and if you have us do the repair work, you don’t pay the $72. No brainer…right?

So they come today around 11 am. Service person tells me “’we had a meeting this morning and we were told to charge everyone the overtime rates. I say…WHAT? If I wanted to pay overtime rate I would have had you come last night. (Footnote: He further goes on to tell me that he was actually at my neighbor’s house that night and could have easily done my job.)

Not wanting to take it out on the messenger I say go ahead do the job. Meanwhile, I decide I’ll stop by their office and talk to the service Mgr. (Gary). I explain my story and he says…that’s our price! We are not charging overtime rates. I explain what his service person told me. His response (as he abruptly walked away from me) was he must have misunderstood what was said in the meeting…that’s our price! He goes on to further justify his price by stating “others are charging twice as much”.

What a rude unprofessional organization! It was my first (and needless to say last) experience with this company. I would encourage everyone to avoid this unethical, pricing gouging unprofessional company!
I also intend to report them to the State Attorney General’s Office and better business.