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First, does anyone here subscribe to ATT U-Verse? (TV, Home phone, cell Phone, HD)

I tried to but they said a part of PTC had a radiation static problem in my area (middle of city)
and they called the whole thing off after giving me a cheap phone and installing a new phone terminal on the back
of the house.

Question: who has this system and what part of town is it?

Second: Maybe the guy who installed a new "phone box" is from the CIA? It was all a farce by the government and ATT!
Or, could it be an adversary on here?

Incompetency abounds in service, everywhere. Could it be the sorry job we are doing in the schools and universities?
About seven things went sour over the last week due primarily to ignorance of the helper and poor training. We seem to make a living now
by occupying a seat and wasting time and making mistakes with no desire to correct them personally.
One of the people I talked to on the phone was obviously at home, and had a child screaming so loud that I could not understand her words,
She excused herself for a few seconds, came back and within five seconds the same thing. She had forgotten where we were and proposed ridiculous schemes, none of which was the problem. Sad part, she has no trainer or supervisor other than a one week seminar.