So now what's next after Health?

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This is about National problems---not Georgia. Georgia isn't likely to do anything meaningful anyways soon about water problems, the downhill school results and their financing except to ask DC, they will pretend to go to court over the health bill, forget public transportation, they will still ;pick crops and roof with illegals, they will try to have everyone carry a pistol, they will continue to mix religion (Christianity) with governing, and they will still have 12-20% unemployment which they want DC to pay.

However, in the NATIONAL area we will begin work on more jobs paid by DC not Georgia, we will close the rest of the broke "banks" started by well-to-do who hoped to sell them in five years at enormous profits, but instead the FDIC had to bail out their customers, we will begin to solve the problem of the various categories of aliens in this country by offering a path to citizenship (as Reagan did) for the non-criminals providing they register with required information---and then instead of a useless fence we will start registering them at the border and at their homes to come here legally---quantity to be determined.
That way they they can be paid on a payroll and taxes deducted.

We will be monitoring the Insurance companies and the medical INDUSTRY closely for awhile and if they aren't doing the job, we will again go to congress and have a single payer system.

We will wrap up the idiot wars we have required our soldiers to do with many of their sacrifices and efforts being destroyed by local politics there and a refusal in the case of Afghanistan to NOT learn how to police themselves in nine years of financing and supervision by us!

I don't know how either Iraq who can't even pump oil honestly or Afghanistan are going to feed themselves when the poppies are gone....I guess we have picked up that bill also from these wars.

Sometime soon a huge works project will be planned to build and repair our infrastructure since none of the states will touch it. There are simply 10s of thousands of bridges, roads, dams, power grids, atomic energy plants, and basic manufacturing that should be done here.

Thudballs who want to hoard and lord over thinking people with their extreme gatherings and ignorance will soon blow away.

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