Shots fired, spats done, names called....

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Just how disappointed should one be in many of our political leaders for their answers when asked about
The uncivil occurrences being executed by radical party members?

Not once have I heard them say that the perpetrators should be turned in by their fellow republicans or democrats
and stop this thing before it gets totally out of hand.
Their stock answer is something like Hatch or Boehner said: Oh, they are just upset about this bill and you know, most of our people
are very unhappy also.

If this is the ploy they plan to use to win elections in November then there are two things that will happen:
Most of the responsible ones for such urging on will lose, and we will create some monsters who will do severe harm.

And, for the democrats to also join into the fray picking on jews (shooting at their offices) indicates that it has already started.
The majority still rules in our country, and if politicians make bargains in congress to get some votes then prosecute them where laws are broken,
otherwise write it off to "politics."

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