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I called this “Final Thoughts” because literally it is indeed my final thoughts on paper or well, digital paper, here at least,

As I look back on my 6 or so years of posting “Rants and Raves” here, arguing with the occasional open mind, I guess the word therapeutic comes to mind.

I told Terry once that you can’t save everyone… sometimes you can’t save anyone… you just have to save yourself.

I wrote a couple of blogs on Preparedness and asked “Are you Prepared”. One of the key elements of the article was asking you the reader are you staying or are you going?

My choice was to leave, to “bug out” as it where, to a place I have prepared to ride out the coming storm.

That day is today.

I have been preparing for today for the last 8 years.

I and many, many others know that the “Gravy Train” has to stop. $17 Trillion dollars in debt, Trillion dollar deficits for as far as the eye can see, entitlements exploding exponentially, the Fed pumping $85 Billion dollars of fiat currency per MONTH into the money stream with no end in sight, all is conspiring to bring our “House of Cards” down.

It will fall.

We can’t stop it now.

The IMF has told us, TOLD US… that we cannot stop pumping money into the system because if we did the World’s economy will collapse…AND… if we do continue ours will.

So just by this action alone we are destroying our economy and will bring either a collapse or Hyper-Inflation…but when you add in all of the other actions by our Government it is inevitable and it is imminent.

For years I have been trying to explain to a few here about the “Velocity of Money” and how it affects our Economy.

You see when the velocity slows our economy slows correspondingly. Velocity is credit and since our economy is based on a consumer society then if credit dries up so does the economy. We saw this in the Housing bubble….Credit dried up because TOO much of it was released and made easy to obtain.

Placing fiat currency in the stream is like adding debris to a river.. a little won’t affect the flow, but too much slows it and can stop it.

That is what we are doing with the Fed…adding debris.

Many Economists are saying the Fed has to stop sooner rather than later. But we have placed ourselves in a catch 22, If we stop now the World’s economy that is already failing will grind to a standstill and we will be blamed for that collapse and of course we will face economic sanctions from the rest of the World thus collapsing our own economy.


The Fed will continue to pour $85 Billion dollars of “credit” into the stream and artificially keep interest rates low thus guaranteeing Hyper-Inflation and our economy will collapse.

I know those here that think we can keep printing, spending and printing some more is OK ,as long as, we can service the debt. They believe we have nothing to worry about but as our debt grows and our production slackens the debt becomes a higher and higher percentage of GDP and that too drags on the economy.

We have about a year… that’s it.

We have already hit the Hindenburg omen and we have already tripped the 7 key indicators of a collapse. The last one was monetizing the debt so….. take it for what it is worth we are in for some rough times.

So with all that being said…. To those of you that already know or at least expect a coming collapse is inevitable, get your prep done now. Atlanta and surrounding areas like Clayton County is going to be a cauldron of strife and criminal activity and it WILL boil over into Fayette. When the checks stop and things grind to a halt desperate people who have no other recourse will turn to taking what they need.

Looting, rioting and theft will be the norm.

Think it won’t happen? All you have to do is look at the Internet rumor of the fuel shortage here or the Ice Storm and see how people reacted to an event that was false and temporary.

So to Cy, AHG, PTCO and others I hope I am wrong. I hope that somehow the train can indeed keep on going but just in case I am right get prepped have a means to defend you and yours and pray it doesn’t last long…

To Gort, JeffC, DM and others.. don’t worry. I am nuts and everything will be OK. Nothing is going to happen.

To Bacon if you are still out there don’t ever let me catch you in a dark alley. I still don’t take to kindly to people calling my daughter a “Crack Whore” and then states that he hopes she is raped in a crack house….

To Terry… I offered assistance if you ever need it… that offer still stands. I Thank you for your service and your wisdom.

Finally to Cal… Thanks for providing a venue for us to vent our spleen. I know it is tough sometimes to take the slings and arrows from those that don’t actually have the cojones to come out from their anonymity when they say the things they do, but somehow you do it…and for that you are a better man then I.

I still say, however, that you need to learn the difference between Satire and a Parody…. ;-)

To the rest of Fayette County and Georgia in General… Sayonara…Good Luck and all that…..

It has been real and it has been fun…..BUT it hasn’t been real fun.

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