Getting "even" this fall?

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I have heard such statements so much lately (as above) that I thought what do they mean.
Someone said it means that the local voters and Georgia I assume, will vote out all those who passed the new health bill.

I wondered who might that be who will lose their political position?
Do they mean to throw out the republicans now in office and put in their place all of those democrats who voted against the health bill?
then I got down to thinking just what names I could come up with around here who might be replaced due to the health bill.
Could it be Sonny? No he is leaving anyway. Could it be the favorite for a new Governor, he held the office before, I think? Maybe, but look at his competition!

Then there are all of the republican Senators and Representatives who are running, but they are safe, I think
There are several democrats in certain places, but the detractors can't vote there for many people.
Then it dawned on me. Thurgood is a dead duck even though he had nothing to do with voting for the bill.

Then, I thought, since there isn't a hell of a lot they can do in Georgia, they will hold rallies in places where maybe there are some people
that can be defeated: you know, like Illinois, Ohio, Florida, California, Vermont, Mass., Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and others.
So, I'm not sure what all those signs and sayings I have seen mean:

They jammed it down our throat, we will jam it up them later.
Backroom deals and threats, worse than Cheney!
We are being run over by them what won't work.
Yes, I'll spat and yell stuff at them when I want.
Be afraid, be very afraid.
The republicans let us down, get them too.

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addendum to 'get even'

Just heard on NBC news that the next Tea Meeting is in Searchlight Nevada in campers and tents.
There is no running water or food there but they are used to that. They will tail-gate a lot.
Harry Reid lives in that state, he might house a couple.