Rusty and the Possum.....

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Rusty and the Possom

Yesterday morning around 8 am my little dog Rusty wanted to go outside so I let him out into the back yard…

It wasn’t but just a minute until I heard that bark that says “I’ve discovered something”….Well off I go to see what was wrong…Rusty was growling, barking yelping and two or three more things that says the situation wasn’t good…He had discovered a possum between 2 flower pots behind the garage…

Rusty spent all morning outside with the animal trying to get him to respond with little luck other than a bite on the foot….

Around noon Rusty came limping to the back door and wanted in…He got him a drink of water and got in his bed and took a 2 hour nap….

Sure enough, when he woke up he wanted to go outside again…Well, the possum had not gone anywhere so Rusty went at it again for the rest of the afternoon the barking and snarling went on…..

Around 10 pm last nite me and the neighbors had enjoyed about as much of this as we could stand, nerves were gittin” on edge….It’s time to do something about this.

Large trash can in hand I go after the possum, grab him by the tail and threw him in the trash barrel, found the lid and put it on it…Whee, why hadn’t have I not thought of that earlier, problem solved, I’ll just take him for a ride in the country and all will be well…..

Off we go in my jeep wrangler which I had just spent ten grand restoring for a little nite ride in the country….Things were going pretty well until I heard some bumping around in the barrel right behind my seat…. The possum makes a lunge and turns the barrel over and the lid flys open….I’m looking back to see the possum coming out when I ran over Mrs Jones red tip potenea hedge and took out bout 20 feet of it….

Humm, looks like that possum wants to git in the front of the jeep, shucks, nobody likes riding in the back of the bus….I have discriminated against him….

I am kinda wobbling around on the road when I meet the Sheriff’s car…..

You know, that sheriff car wheeled around in the road and came after me like he was in a hurry, til he caught up to me and that’s when the blue lites cam on….Well the blue lites seemed to scare the possum which in turn scared me and somehow I wound up in the ditch…..

Now the Sheriff runs up to my door and proceeds to tell me to git my hands on top of the steering wheel where he can see them and do it now!! Dunno what he’s so upset about, I am the one in the car with the possum that by now is as mad as a wet set’in hen….Sheriff says, unbuckle your seat belt with your left hand and git outta the car….A request I will gladly comply with…..

This Sheriff aint too happy bout the way I’m driving so he kinda forced the issue of me putting my hands on the hood of the jeep and spreading my legs while I get a pat down……I get a field soberity test to go along with all the snatching around but the officer finally calms down when some 3 more sheriff cars arrive on the scene….

Finally they act like they want to listen to my side of the story and they discover the possum….Not one of those brave men that protect us from all the evils of life would remove that possum from my jeep……

Well I have got to replace Mrs Jones red tips and I guess I will start redoing the redo on my jeep next week, it has suffered some damage….It might be time to take a drink, for medicinal purposes you understand……

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