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The government of tiny Tyrone has a little tiny mind when it comes to business. They don't want any business and will discriminate against Blacks, Whites, Asian, anyone who wants to start a business.
If Tyrone doesn't have a law against a business, they will make up one on the spot. Town Mgr Kyle Hood recently denied Ms. Kaye Liston the legal use of beauty shop even though it's a legal business use. He said he would let Fayette County decide for him. Ms. Liston has been living in Tyrone for decades, but they don't want her business, so she's gone to PTC. Same for Ron Reams who wanted to put a retail furniture store. The reasons for denial. If he varnished the furniture , paint fumes might annoy the neighborhood. He went to Fayetteville. Tyrone resident Derrick Jackson who is running for County Commissioner wondered if he would be allowed to paint his home.
Anti-business candidate Ken Matthews is up for re-election to Council this year. Last year Matthew punched Planning Commission Mike Sanak in the face because he disagreed with Matthew's wanting to spend money for something it wasn't designated for. In 2007 Matthew said he was for business, but when he finally was elected he became anti-business.
A lady wrote in the news and I quote, "I've known Ken all his life and he isn't smart enough to be on Council". That pretty much sums it up for the majority of Tyrone's government. If you want to start a business, don't waste your time coming to Tyrone. The ghost Barry Amos lives on.
Debbie Lowe a long time Tyrone Real Estate Agent who brokered the Publix shopping center says, Tyrone's government is so bad, she doesn't bother to work Tyrone anymore.
Tyrone didn't want the Publix shopping center either. The land owner had to sue Tyrone to get it. They won but Tyrone still would not issue a building permit. Back in court again, the judge told Tyrone that if they didn't issue the permit immediately, he was going to start locking up people in the government. That's the only reason Tyrone has a grocery store.
Recently, the Police chief who was so concerned about business dying in Tyrone he asked some businesses to form an association to go to the government and ask for help. That's been tried before. Late in the last century, Tyrone was harassing the owner of a long time hardware store so much, he lead an effort to form a business association. Didn't work then, won't work now. The hardware owner gave up, closed his business, sold his new home and moved out of Tyrone. Ditto for a Heating & Air Co., because Tyrone doesn’t want business to advertise.
In 2004 Tyrone didn’t like the looks of 9 businesses on Palmetto Road, so they passed a law taking away their business uses. All the businesses closed up, left Tyrone and their employees lost their jobs.
I remember when Helen, GA was a dying town, but their government worked with the businesses, helping them to remodel and look at Helen now. Tyrone could do the same but they won’t.
In 2007 Wayne Adams of Tyrone Tire Co. single handedly got Don Renwaldt elected Mayor of Tyrone on a pro-business platform by getting him over 400 votes. Upon taking office, one of the first things Renwaldt did was issue Adams a citation for what Renwaldt considered inadequate storage of tires; even though Adams had inspection approval from the State of GA. Hard to believe but TRUE.
A lady called me today to rent space for a business. I told her Tyrone doesn’t want business and before you make any plans, go ask them and you’ll see.

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