Who is to blame?

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I continue to hear companies complain about losing business due to their supporters cutting back on spending and buying.

Why are these people, supporters, cutting back? Mostly due to the current great recession, as it is called.

Now, also I hear these business men blame the liberals for spending so much money on items, which they would not spend it for,
and that caused the great recession and is causing them to lay-off workers and make very little money. I

Now if they make very little money, they pay very little if any taxes. Isn't that right?
So paying more taxes is not the problem, is it. Anyway most of the current 13 trillion dollar deficit came from Conservative spending (9 trillion)..

Would excess credit allowances be some of the cause for foreclosures and layoffs? Who allowed those banks, etc., to allow loans to such people?
Could that have been deregulation and blinds over the eyes? After all everything was growing fabulously, wasn';t it?

So what is the real beef? Too much money was offered with slick sales pitches, and too much money was borrowed without enough personal investment and with no real business plan!

The last year of corrections to our health mess and stopping slowly the stupid wars has little if anything to do with our possible depression.

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