Catch 22 with County Ordinances-

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I did a good deed- I picked up 2 puppies in a box on the side of the road coming from Barnesville (Gordon College) to Fayette County (Peachtree City) where I reside. I didn't once think about calling animal control to come and pick up the puppies because I didn't want them to die that day-this was Friday, October 11th. I brought them to my house in Peachtree City, I gave them flea baths (they were infested) de-wormed them, gave first vaccines, bought them collars and good food- in the midst of all of this I called rescue after rescue and emailed rescue after rescue. I got 3 responses; 2 were full, and the other one said she would try and help. (THANK YOU!) I called the Humane Societies and they were all full, I then drove to the animal shelter here in Peachtree City, walked in and asked if they could take the puppies- being an honest person, I told them I had found the dogs in Barnesville on my drive home. I was told "NO, Fayette County Ordinance states that we cannot take any dogs from outside the county." I was told to take the dogs back to Barnesville where I found them. I called Barnesville animal shelter and the man says, "I cannot take the dogs because you do not live in the county." He explained that he would have to prove where the dogs came from and because I didn't live in the county it would look as if I came from Fayette to drop them off. He then says to me, "you can take the dogs back to where you found them and drop them there, but if anyone sees you and calls your tags into the police, you will get charged with abandoning an animal." and that was the end of my call to the Barnesville animal shelter. So now what? I have the puppies in my garage in an xlarge kennel and take them out every 2 hours to play and potty. I am a renter and have 2 dogs already- I cannot keep the puppies for an indefinite period of time. I didn't think to lie to the Fayette County animal shelter and say I found them in Peachtree City because I am not a liar. I was being a good samaritan and trying to help out these little puppies who are helpless on their own. Now, I have called Atlanta Humane Society (Humane Societies cannot take "strays") and all the other animal shelters in the area and they all say the same thing- They can't take the dogs because they weren't found in their county. The obvious thing here is to lie and say I found them down the road from a shelter and have them take the dogs- but here's the deal with that- the dogs will be put down. Now I am not willing to have that on my conscious. See the catch 22? If anyone knows of a rescue that has space and is willing to take in these two sweet puppies- please please please please let me know- I am making a Facebook page and sharing them around. Any help is appreciated. THE LAWS NEED TO BE CHANGED- it is ridiculous that they all point fingers and have this "not my problem" attitude- we the tax payers who pay their salaries are left out in the cold with our hands tied.....UNBELIEVABLE!!!

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