Reporting from Bizarro World President Obama stated today...

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Obama wrote:

“As a result of this work, and the cooperation of its allies and partners, the world is more stable than it was five years ago,” the president said on Tuesday morning.

In other news..

Fresh unrest in Egypt: Morsi faces growing civil turmoil...and

A WEEK AFTER Tunisia's popular revolution , the country's direction remains far from settled - and unrest in its Arab neighbors is rising. Seven people in Algeria and nine in Egypt have set themselves on fire, or attempted to, in imitation of the desperate man who triggered Tunisia's uprising....and

This from yes the Middle East....

(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oil prices have been on a roller coaster ride in recent weeks thanks to unrest in the Middle East, with crude oil prices briefly topping $103 a barrel on Thursday before retreating. Many industry experts predict volatility and rising oil prices for at least the immediate future and perhaps much longer.

Washington: Following a successful uprising in Egypt, unrest is growing in North Africa and the Middle East (especially in Iran). And the US is trying its best to turn the revolution into a people's movement.

Amateur videos revealed that anti-government demonstrators clashed with the police in Iran. Iranian police clash with demonstrators on the streets of Tehran and US Secretary of States Hillary Clinton connected the dots with Egypt's revolution.

"We wish the opposition in Iran the same opportunity that there counterparts got in Egypt," said Clinton.

How has that one worked out for them?

Why I feel so much better now that the World is much more stable....

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