...and so it begins again....

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The IPCC report is due out Sept 27th and already leaks are coming out ahead of it...

Most of the leaks have to do with the fact that according to the data... There has been no rise in temperature in the last 16 years regardless of the fact that CO2 has dramatically risen.

What is amazing is the fact that Country's, Scientist and Businesses involved in Green Energy all have asked that the data be suppressed.

Didn't they learn from the last Climate gate scandal that suppressing evidence that doesn't correspond to your beliefs just pushes more people out of your tent?

Apparently not.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will release a report on September 27 that scales back the severity of the global warming threat. Emails leaked to the Associated Press show some governments, including the United States, tried to make the IPCC change their report to downplay the slowdown in warming.