OK, So Now We Have Health Care

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Mike King
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On Sunday, a monumental step was taken to guarantee health care as a right of American citizenry. Agree or not, it’s the law. Many of those who represent us and voted for the legislation admit to its drawbacks, which are not few. The bill is far from perfect. The purpose of this muse is not to exclaim objection or approval of this measure, but to put into perspective of just how our great Republic came to enacting such a law.
First, let me say that as a candidate Mr. Obama openly proclaimed that national healthcare would be a top priority. That said, where were all those who oppose this measure in November of 2008? Our President’s election margin, while significant (53%), was certainly no landslide. Surely all those who proclaim that liberty and freedoms are now lost, actually voted. Surely those representatives who supported the measure are not freshmen. Did their constituency not know how they would vote? Did their character flaws not surface prior to November 2008? My point here is that if a plurality of Americans truly abhors this law, the fault lies not with those in support, but fault lies squarely upon the shoulders of those in opposition who failed themselves by not voting. Apathy has consequences.
Come November 2010 will we see a better turnout? My money says not. What say you?

S. Lindsey
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Yes.. Elections do in fact have consequences..

Many of us warned everyone of this "Pig in a Poke".. He (Obama) clearly let everyone know who he was and what he was about..

That is if you could find the reports.. The MSMS was 100% invested in Obama. So even when you had him either on Video or Audio talking about how the Constitution in a "flawed document" and needs to be changed.. No one believed it..

Even when you had Obama speaking about how radical he was and is.. No one believed it..

Even when he spoke out about Socialized medicine and re-distribution of Wealth.. no one believed it..

Well they believe it NOW!!!

The problem was of course John McCain.. He was a deeply flawed candidate.

He was offered up by the progressives in the Republican party as their Obama. In their world they were going to get what they wanted by either candidate.

Many Conservatives could not and would not vote for him.. We were tired of voting for the lessor evil..

There is a silver lining.. A good portion of America now sees Obama and the Progressive movement for what they are.

Immigration is now on the table.. This along with the Obomination of Healthcare is going to widen that chasm further.. They want the 12-20 Million illegals made legal so they can get Healthcare..

Now think about that.. Do you think the CBO scored an additional 10-20 MILLION more added to the roles of taxpayer paid "FREE" healthcare?

A safe voting block and indebted servants. That is what they are developing.. Of course the Democrats like Jeff and others love this.. It attempts and almost guarantees they stay in power forever.

So November means more than any other election in recent memory.. That is way I think those of us who fought this tooth and nail are not giving up..
A battle was won, but they will lose this WAR.

America is not made up of "gimmie more please" individuals. We are pioneers independent freedom loving people and we are PISSED and we are not going to take it anymore..

WE ARE TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY.. TEA it's not just your Grandmother's drink anymore..;-)

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