Fayette County Schools/ Georgia is ripping us off. Sound off now

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From the RSMS Administration:

Dear Parents:

Over the past few months you’ve probably heard or read that our excellent Fayette County Schools are considering making some classroom-impacting cuts because of state budget shortfalls and cuts handed down from our State Legislature. We all understand that the economy has played a part in this shortfall, but the fact remains that the law in the State of Georgia requires the state government to fully fund public education. The state has consistently failed to do so for over 7 years taking money earned by Fayette through the QBE (Quality Basic Education) funding formula. Did you know that since 2005 our quality Fayette County Schools have held a rolling IOU that now totals over $42M due to the State of Georgia’s austerity reductions? Even when the economy was strong the state failed to uphold its legal obligation to fully fund our schools based on its own formula, but instead funded boondoggles such as “Go FISH Georgia”, show horse parks in Houston County, and sports halls of fame. So far the taxpayers of Fayette County have funded the State shortfalls to keep the “Fayette Advantage”, now our tax millage rate is at the maximum and the state wants even more of our schools’ money. We have not held our representatives accountable and now we only have 18 days to save our schools!

We must act NOW! Last year over 100 teaching positions were eliminated in Fayette County due to state funding cuts! How many more teachers can we afford to lose? If we do not let the Legislature know that we value education over everything else, we can and will see the possibility of the following:

· increased class size through reduction in classroom teachers
· art and music classes discontinued
· elimination of middle school sports, band, and orchestra
· more teacher pay cuts
· charging even more for the ability to play in remaining school sports programs
· reduction or elimination of parapros
· reduction or elimination of school wellness programs such as school nurses

The list goes on and on. This will affect the quality of your child’s education. Please don’t think it won’t or can’t happen. We voted for an eSPLOST to help keep our excellent Fayette County schools fully funded. Unfortunately, the State of Georgia continues to take OUR money through austerity cuts and unfunded mandates.

We are asking you to join us by contacting our legislature and let them know that the time has come to stand up for the excellent Fayette County Schools.

If we sit back, there is no more the taxpayers can give, these further reductions will have to occur to balance our budget on the backs of our teachers and students. It’s time to stand up and say enough to the slogans and demand ACTION.

We are aware other school systems are also saying “enough is enough!” and contactiong their delegations . Tell your friends around the metro area. It is time the legislature stops using metro Atlanta school systems as a piggy bank and take responsibility for their choices.

Contact immediately and often:

Sen. Ronnie Chance - ronnie.chance@senate.ga.gov

Sen. Valencia Seay - valencia.seay@senate.ga.gov

Rep. Virgil Fludd – virgil.fludd@house.ga.gov

Rep. Matt Ramsey - matt.ramsey@house.ga.gov

Rep. John Yates - john.yates@house.ga.gov

Rep. Roberta Abdul-Salaam – roberta.abdul-salaam@house.ga.gov

Rep. Darryl Jordan – darryl.jordan@house.ga.gov.

Together we can help save the future of our exceptional education system. Never under estimate that a few, determined people can make a difference as our schools reflect the collective efforts of generations of Fayette County residents, students, teachers, and administrators.

Thank you.

Fayette Citizens for Children

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As your constituents, we don’t want you to forget the over 22,000 publicly educated students in Fayette County and that with each budget cut you are erasing their future and their right to access QUALITY and EXCELLENT public education

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Yes I copied this

I thought after reading this email from school I would like to share it with you all. We need all the help we can get. Add good old Sonny Perdue to your email complaints.

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