Obama really is the Messiah... Vows to save the Earth.

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S. Lindsey
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Our Highness and now revealed Messiah stated that "I have no time for Climate Deniers"... So in a sweeping speech he vowed to SAVE the EARTH
by hobbling America's Energy production. He vowed to place restrictive regulations of emissions on our Energy facilities and to stop the Keystone pipeline.

In other news Al Gore had a "O"gasim. Al Gore said finally someone with a vision has come along so that I can get another $100 Million or so
on the scam.


Our Lord and Savior seems to ignore that we have been in a COOLING Cycle for the last decade and almost all of the data that was used to say we are about to burn has shown to be FALSE
and contradictory evidence was suppressed.

He is determine to screw this Country one way or the other... If he can't wreck us financially he will kill our Energy production. You know that thing that keeps ALL OF US working...

Hey a shout-out to all of those Coal Miner and Oil Unions... How do you like him now?

Joe Kawfi
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obummah doesn't care

If obamma-care is so great, why does this inept rogue president disobey the law that he signed and grant yet another waiver to his cronies in big business by delaying the employer mandate.

What about the individual? Doesn't obummah care about the individual?

Why no, he only cares about getting more power and more donations from big business.

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