A "Lighter" Slant To This Budget Mess

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Mike King
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OK, so Mr Imker and Chief Eiswerth had a verbal tiff in public. Whoopie! With all the rhetoric this morning (me included), one might surmise that a monetary benefit could be found. For instance, as an opening act for the attendance deficit Amphitheatre, not to mention a cash strapped town, why not set up a ring and let these two go at each other? A Peachtree City Wrastlin' Extravaganza! Two old fat guys going at one another-Other than at least one ego, what could it hurt?

The folks at the Recreation Department could bill it as Fayette's first super heavyweight wrastlin' match, complete with beer, wine and hard spirits (so as not to deny our City Manager). Councilman Sturbaum could serve as the guest referee and our esteemed mayor could serve as emcee. Our two female Councilpersons could accompany each contestant. We could borrow EMT's from our neighbors in Fayetteville because we do want to be fair. I would insist, however, that neither pugilist wear a speedo so as not to offend the religious among us.

To start things off we could hold a debate between our two previous mayors on how great they are.

Any takers?

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Now you have done it. Now you have really done it!

You have actually called some white shirts "fat!"
Even called them "super" heavy-weights!

Anyway, doesn't a Councilperson outrank a Fire Chief---even though he doesn't make near as much money? I tried one time to find out who Chief Murray (Police) worked directly for in the chain of command. I venture to say the Fire Chief works for the same entity, maybe....or maybe no one really.

When the PIO at the town office was asked, she said to read the Town Codes or something like that! I read them but it wasn't clear...it depends upon whether one is talking about hiring, firing, reviewing work, getting raises, or firing, or discipling underlings!
Also, it seems that the day to day boss is different than at other times!
Same thing is pretty much true for Town Manager. Now there is a big difference in salary.
However Bobby Cox makes much less than Chipper Jones, doesn't he. Something like 12 million to one million isn't it?

You start assigning people to be referees and escorts and trouble will ensue!

Anyway would 15-20 attend (other than the free entrance by the town staff), at $10 per ticket?

Robert W. Morgan
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See now Mike, women would be better in this fight

Mudcat's dream about 3 ladies on council and another as mayor is disturbing but the debate in the ring could easily get into a mud rasslin' contest. I'm ok with that. Vanessa looks good in a thong, I can tell you. The others topless would be XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (content deleted by posters wife).

Mud wrasslin' works for me. Doug? You up with that?

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