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Corruption breeds corruption. obama likes to have corrupt, socialist, dictator-loving people in his administration

Obama Nominates Ethics Enemy To Regulate Fannie And Freddie
Watt came under investigation of the Office of Congressional Ethics over a fundraising incident in 2009.
Watt proposed in July 2011 that Congress slash funding for the Office of Congressional Ethics by 40 percent.

Even the far left smells a rat with this nomination....
Obama’s nomination is also being attacked from the left, which argues that Watt being in bed with large commercial banks is a serious problem for someone nominated to head a major regulatory agency.

Obama's czar pick snagged in Castro love fest
The Cuban Communist Party daily Granma stated that the lawmakers attending with Lee and Watt were Reps. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., Marcia L. Fudge, D-Ohio, Laura Richardson, D-Calif., and Bobby Rush, D-Ill. Reuters reported that Lee’s delegation “avoided specifics” with Castro “but were struck by his humor, impressed by his involvement in Third World causes and firm in their belief that he wants to end U.S.-Cuba enmity.”

This administration is corrupt as the day is long. Benghazi cover-up, Mirandizing Terrorists, refusing to refer to Muslim Extremist Terrorists. obama is a corrupt individual that loves to demonize the right while trying to covering up his total incompetence in running the country. Anyone that refuses to identify the Boston bombers for what they truly are has no interest in protecting this country.
People are beginning to see just how corrupt and incompetent obama is.

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